Grits & Greens

Special Guest: Banjo and Friends

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Grits & Greens

At each show, Grits & Greens showcases a diverse set of skills as front woman Ryann McGhee shines with powerful and precise vocals, commanding guitar licks and immersive keyboard soundscaping. Accompanying her on lead guitar is her husband, Jesse McGhee, who demonstrates artful mastery of the slide guitar mixed with lightning fast standard tuning guitar licks inspired by the likes of Jerry Garcia and David Gilmour. Rounding out the low end is Jake Noble on the bass guitar who exhibits the intuitive ability to blend sitting back and playing in the pocket with lead slap-bass solos, similar to the complex and mind-bending work of Les Claypool. Jackson Bounds ties it all together on the drums with his explosive and unique percussive style while flaunting an infectious energy behind the kit. As if their individual talents weren’t enough, the band features soaring three part vocal harmonies. But their lyrics are what truly set them apart; sharing stories that are personal, playful, and perfectly satirical. Gathering influence from artists like The Allman Brothers, Phish, and Black Sabbath, the band delivers a familiar sound with their own unique and mesmerizing spin. The obvious love that the band has for each other, as well as playing music, is beautifully exemplified by their warm stage presence and tight performances. This bond keeps their performances fresh and ever-exploratory, always leaving the listeners wanting more. Apart from their regular touring schedule across the United States, the band has recently gained international attention after their electric performance at the 30th Annual Blues Festival in Schöppingen, Germany featuring artists like Devon Allman and Samantha Fish. 

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