An Interview with the Travers Brothership

Ahead of their August 14th show at Aiken Music Fest, I was able to catch up multi-instrumentalist and vocalist for Travers Brothership, Kyle Travers, for a quick chat.

AMF: 2020 was…

KT: Different. We all had to find outlets other than music. Ian got into motorcycling. Some sought nature. We did what we could to ride the storm out. Super glad to be back on the road. (As of this writing, they’ve burned up FloydFest, are in Wrightsville Beach the weekend before Aiken, and have billings upcoming at Summer Camp, Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, and GABBA Fest in Macon.)

AMF: Y’all’s name came up several times with our first alumnae of the 2021 AMF series, Abby Bryant…

KT: We do a lot together. My twin (Eric Travers- also singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist) actually dates Abby.

AMF: What’s playing in the van or at home these days?

KT: Gram Parsons, Cory Henry, Talking Heads, Lucas Nelson. The list is really pretty wide and varied.

AMF: Influences? Y’all carry the jam band torch to a degree.

KT: Blues/Rock if we’ve got to get into labels. But at heart, all of us are Dead Heads, and all of us are Allman Brothers fans. (For the first time reader, there is almost always a definitive ABB tie-in to the headlining bands that come to AMF.) Soul. Funk. Rock. Blues. Jam. I think that covers our bases pretty well.

AMF: Travers Brothership has been around…

KT: 9 years technically, but we’ve been playing together for 15. We all road the same school bus in Black Mountain- an impromptu invite to get off at another stop (closer to Ian and Josh’s) and a garage jam turned into what we are today with a lot of hard work and a smidge of good fortune.

AMF: So, Brothers?

KT: Obvs Eric and I are twins, but Ian and Josh are our brothers too- musical brothers. We’ve played together now for over half of our lives.

AMF: Anything readers/listeners should expect on the 14th?

KT: The best show we can bring y’all. Look forward to seeing Aiken then!

Travers Brothership is comprised of:

Twin brothers Eric and Kyle Travers- singers/songwriters/multi-instrumentalists

Ian McIsaac- keys/songwriting/percussion