Aiken Music Fest is a 6 event music series on Saturday nights from 7-11pm, with a $10 per car load entry fee, located at Highfields in Aiken, SC. Dates for this year’s Aiken Music Fest is below. Artists will be announced soon!

May 30th

June 20th

July 11th

Aug 15th

Sept 12th

Oct 17th

May 30

Opener: Aubrey Eisenman & The Clydes and Big Sky Revival

Headliner: Unspoken Tradition

Unspoken Tradition is about new, original Bluegrass. Inspired by their own influences and the roots of traditional music, they bring a sound that is both impassioned and nostalgic, hard-driving but sincere. Their 2019 release from Mountain Home Music Company, Myths We Tell Our Young, debuted at #5 on the Billboard Bluegrass charts and has seen 5 top-charting radio singles, including a #1 spot on the Bluegrass Today chart for “Dark Side of the Mountain.” Their material is mostly original and reflects the ever-changing culture of Western and Central North Carolina where they call home. 

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July 11

Headliner: Hustle Souls

Hustle Souls is an Asheville, NC based soul/rock band who fuse nostalgic, dust-covered-vinyl soul aesthetics with modern sensibilities; recently named one of Music Connections “Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists & Bands.” Driven by a lust for songwriting, the band’s fervid live performance is heightened by undeniable instrumental prowess and 3 part vocal harmony. With relentless touring, sold out shows and major festival appearances the band has earned a reputation as one of the East Coast’s most promising acts,.

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Aug 15

Headliner: Hans Wenzel & the 86ers

The band has defined an edgy, vocally driven ensemble that embodies the true definition of story telling. With infinite inspiration from haunting tales of heroism, loss, love and personal growth in historic Charleston, SC, the group has quickly amassed a body of work that will draw you in to the old cobblestone laden, foggy backstreets of the South.

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Sept 12

Headliner: Josh Roberts and the Hinges

Josh Roberts and The Hinges are a 4 piece band out of Charleston, S.C. Embedded in their style of rock & roll are blues, country punk and soul influence that link elegant harmonies with the raunchy guitar work of Josh Roberts. Their powerful sound is uncompromising concert goers speechless…and sometimes exhausted, yet always wanting more. Since their inception JRATH have played 100s of shows all across the country from Denver to D.C.

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Oct 17

Headliner: Cris Jacobs

Spanning rock, folk, soul and funk and drawing from inspiration that runs the gamut from the henhouse to the White House, Color Where You Are is a kaleidoscopic portrait of Cris Jacobs as a songwriter, musician and bandleader. It’s the work of a devoted father and an empathetic member of the human race. More than that, it’s a reminder that there’s beauty to be found everywhere, if you just take a moment to color where you are.

“What am I trying to do with my music?” Jacobs muses. “The simple answer is this: I’m trying to connect with people. To express real-life human emotions and make people feel things. To connect my love of music with my love of writing and conjure up all of the joy and emotions that those things bring to me. To hopefully have people walk away feeling lighter or happier or more inspired to go do something after listening… I want to create a body of work that my family will be proud of one day, and to show that I had compassion to the human condition and wasn’t just a self-indulgent show off.”

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