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What is Aiken Music Fest

Aiken Music Fest is a 6 event music series on Saturday nights from 7-11pm, with a $10 per car load entry fee, located at Highfields in Aiken, SC . Each event will feature a top local talent followed by a headliner band that is currently touring the South East. You can find refreshments from any of our local food and drinks vendors, along with doing a little shopping at our makers and creators market. If you come early. there will be kid activities available for families to enjoy!

Event Dates & Bands

Reggie Sullivan
May 19
Daddy’s Beemer
June 23
slack rock
Kenny George Band
July 14
alternative rock
Kevin Maines & The Volts
Aug 18
soul, blues, and jazz
Sept 8
americana roots rock
The Barry Richman Band
Oct 20
blue rock jazz

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